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Dr. VohraOrthopedic Surgeon
Hand & Upper Extremity Specialist
Dr. Vohra

Dr. VohraOrthopedic Surgeon

Hand & Upper Extremity Specialist

Dr. Vohra is a California native and long time resident of Southern California. He completed his undergraduate training at UC San Diego followed by medical school at Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, CA. He chose Ventura, CA for his orthopedic residency and fell in love with the area over 5 years.

What OurPatients Are Saying
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  • Dr Vhora is extremely knowledgeable. My hands were in so much pain I couldn’t do much anymore. I talked to him about everything I had already done and how I felt. In one day he knew exactly where the issue was and provided processes from lowest to highest. I am feeling so much better, able to ... View More
  • I broke two bones in my wrist and had metal implants to permit correct bone growth. I was 80, and my bone was slow growing. Dr chose to keep me in a wrist brace longer and to use a bone stimulator machine. While I had therapy, my movement was restricted because of the implant. Seven months later... View More
  • Dr Vohra acted quickly and in so doing saved my finger and more importantly my life. I highly recommend him. View More
  • I am very fortunate to have been under the care of Dr. Vorha for fractures of both knees suffered in a January 2023 fall. Dr. Vorha was on call the day I visited the CMH Emergency Department. The rest is history. My complete confidence in Dr. Vorha has been a great source of comfort to me as my h... View More
  • How can I thank you? Not just for your professional skills but for the thought and concern you displayed while treating me. View More
Wrist Arthroscopy

Wrist arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure performed to view, diagnose and treat problems in your wrist joint. It is performed with the help of an arthroscope, a thin tube with a camera, lens, and light source as well as specialized instrument inserted through small incisions.

Research & Publications
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  • Participation in preoperative joint arthroplasty class predictive of postoperative emergency...

  • New Technique for Wrist Fusion in Cerebral Palsy Patients.

  • Perceived Osteoporosis risk & gender.

    Journal of Investigative Medicine, Volume 62, Number 1.

  • Radiation exposure of the mini and large C-arm, controlled study and literature review.

  • Retrospective review of elective DIP arthrodesis with and without antibiotic prophylaxis.

Peripheral Nerve Repair
Nerve Repair

Peripheral nerve injury can lead to pain, numbness, muscle weakness, burning and tingling sensations in the hands. Peripheral nerve surgery aims at restoring the motor and sensory nerve functions of your arm.

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We offer various instructional resources and videos to help you understand your situation better and the value of participating in the treatment plan

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Practice Hours : 8AM to 5PM Monday to Friday

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